Induction Of Radio Shuttle Rack

Induction Of Radio Shuttle Rack

Jan 22, 2024

Radio shuttle rack is  a kind of new storage solution. This system consists of forklift, racking system and shuttle. Forklift carries goods onto shuttle. Shuttle automatically take the goods into racking system and come true the storage function. Radio shuttle can work continuously so the whole work efficiency is enhanced. The shuttle can be charged more than 1000 times.


Radio Shuttle Rack



1. High density storage system, more than 80% of the warehouse space utilization.

2. Can fulfill both FIFO/LIFO access mode, more convenient than any other racking systems.

3. Forklift no enter into racking, Safer for forklift operator.

4. Turnover speed enhanced, work efficiency improved.

5. Electricity automated system, reduce energy consumption, save cost.


Structure Of Shuttle Rack

Radio Shuttle Rack is a kind of intelligent rack, which combines traditional rack and intelligent shuttle. Traditional rack is the foundation, while shuttle is an intelligent handling equipment. It realizes further intensive storage, reduces the waste of aisle space, realizes three-dimensional storage of X, Y and Z, improves the utilization efficiency of space, and can only be used by shuttle, It reduces labor costs and accidents when picking up goods. It is now a mainstream storage tool. Its main components are columns, beams, some support components and bolts.


Details Of Radio Shuttle

Pallet Size: W1200*D1000                                                                              

Loading capacity:Max1500KG

Speed:1.0m/s without loading and 0.8m/s with loading

Lifting height:40mm


Color:RAL7035+RAL2004 standard

Battery charging time:3h

Usage time:more than 8h

Voltage and current:48V,35AH


Acceleration:less than 0.5


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