Product Category

  • Automated Storage & Retrieval System

    Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are sophisticated materials handling systems that use computer-controlled processes to efficiently store and retrieve products in warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Conveyor Picking System

    Conveyor Picking System are mechanical devices used to transport materials, products, or goods from one location to another within a facility or between different stages of a production process.

  • Handling System

    For the turnover in the warehouse or the connection between the production line and the warehouse, the flexible handling AGV is selected to replace the traditional forklift and other handling tools according to the flow demand.

  • Software Management System

    Software management systems, also known as software asset management (SAM) systems, are tools or platforms designed to help organizations effectively manage their software assets throughout their lifecycle.

  • Semi-Automated Storage

    The term "Semi-Automated Storage" refers to a system or process that combines manual labor with automated technology to facilitate storage and retrieval operations in a warehouse or distribution center. 

  • Storage Racks

    Storage racks refer to structures or frameworks that are designed to hold and organize goods in a warehouse, distribution center, retail store, or other storage facilities.

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Jiangsu Kingmore Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Kingmore Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has focused on top quality storage and logistics equipment for over 13 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the racking equipment industry in China.

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Latest News

Apr 10, 2024
News! The 135th Spring Canton Fair in 2024 is about to open in April!

  As one of China's oldest trade fairs, the Spring Canton Fair has always been one of the important windows for China's foreign trade. The 135th Spring Canton Fair in 2024 will be grandly opened in April. It will continue to bring together high-quality goods and top technologies from around th...

Apr 14, 2024
Important Innovations in Warehouse Management

Automated storage systems improve the turnover rate of items by reducing manual operations and waiting times in processes, thereby better responding to rapidly changing market demands. In addition to increased efficiency and cost savings, automated storage systems also provide greater safety and rel...

Apr 07, 2024
Automated Storage: Redefining Warehousing Operations

With the continuous advancement of technology and the rapid development of the logistics industry, automated storage systems have gradually become a popular trend in warehousing management. Automated storage systems utilize advanced technology and mechanical equipment to manage and store items in an...

Mar 31, 2024
Economic benefits of traditional shelves

Traditional racks are loved by the majority of warehouses because of their flexibility and reliability. In addition, some of the economic benefits they have are also the reason why they are more willing to be used in warehousing inventories. An important advantage of traditional racking is the cost-...

Mar 24, 2024
Traditional shelves: a reliable choice to improve storage efficiency

In the modern logistics and warehousing industry, shelves are indispensable equipment used to store and manage various items. Although some automated warehousing systems are coming to the fore as technology advances, traditional racking is still the first choice for many businesses. Traditional rac...

Mar 17, 2024
Advantages of Semi-Automated Storage

Semi-Automated Storage has received more and more love and recognition from customers. Today we will talk about why everyone is willing to use Semi-Automated Storage as a warehousing solution. First, Semi-Automated Storage improves the operational efficiency of the warehouse. The software managemen...

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