How does AGV work?

How does AGV work?

Dec 14, 2023

Hi, in todays blog, I hope to introduce you a new kind of AS/RS, that is Box-typed multi-layer AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).

Box-type multi-layer AGV uses mobile robots as carriers to store and transport single and multiple boxes for precise distribution and warehouse entry and exit. Box-type AGV is suitable for high-density storage, narrow lanes and other operating scenarios for efficient material handling and transportation within warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

As one of the world's leading providers of smart logistics solutions supplier, we adhere that Box-typed multi-layer AGV is an efficient and intelligent Automatic Guided Vehicle system designed specifically for the warehousing and logistics industry. It uses advanced navigation technology and autonomous decision-making algorithms to operate autonomously in warehouses and logistics centers to realize automatic handling and sorting of goods.


In addition, Box-typed Multi-layer AGV has the following characteristics and advantages:

1. Efficiency: box-typed Multi-layer AGV can achieve high-speed, high-precision cargo handling and sorting, greatly improving the efficiency of warehousing and logistics. It can automatically schedule according to demand, reduce manual intervention and improve operating efficiency.


2. Flexibility: Box-typed Multi-layer AGV can be flexibly configured according to the layout and needs of warehouses and logistics centers. It can adapt to different cargo types and sizes, and can move freely in small spaces to achieve fast and accurate handling of cargo.


3. Safety: Box-typed Multi-layer AGV is equipped with advanced safety sensors and anti-collision devices, which can sense the surrounding environment in real time and avoid collisions with other equipment or personnel. It also has automatic parking and emergency stop functions to ensure the safety of the operation process.


4. Intelligent: Box-typed Multi-layer AGV adopts advanced artificial intelligence technology, which can independently learn and optimize path planning to achieve the best transportation effect. It can also seamlessly connect with warehouse management systems and logistics management systems to achieve real-time transmission of information and intelligent management of operations.


In short, such kind of Box-typed Multi-layer AGV is an efficient, flexible, safe and intelligent automatic guided vehicle system that can provide comprehensive solutions for the warehousing and logistics industry. Our company can standardize the mass production of AGV logistics trolleys with a bearing capacity of 1 ton,3 tons and 30 tons, and we can also customize AGV logistics trolleys according to specific needs to provide customized solutions.

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