Differences between three-dimensional library AS/RS and Miniload

Differences between three-dimensional library AS/RS and Miniload

Nov 29, 2023

With the development and advancement of science and technology, the technical means of automated three-dimensional warehouses are becoming more and more advanced. Currently, the most common types of automated three-dimensional warehouses in the logistics field include four-way shuttles, multi-layer shuttles, and lane stackers. We often hear the names of AS/RS, Miniload, Shuttle and other automated databases, but some people often cannot distinguish them and are always confused.


AS/RS is actually the English abbreviation of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (automatic storage and retrieval system), which actually refers to automated storage. At present, the most common shelf forms of automated vertical warehouses include channel shelves, dense shelves, rotating shelves, etc.

The use of automated three-dimensional warehouses greatly increases the height of the warehouse and reduces the floor area, so that the storage capacity per unit area is upgraded from the traditional 0.3~0.5t/m2 to 2~15t/m2. It can be said that due to the technology of AS/RS The emergence of warehousing has fundamentally changed the traditional concept of warehousing.


Miniload is a channel-type shelf storage system, which generally refers to an automated warehouse with box-type stackers. Material boxes are used as storage tools in the shelves. Miniload uses the automatic stacking crane in the tunnel to run back and forth in the high-rise racking tunnel to store the goods at the entrance of the tunnel into the cargo compartment, or on the contrary, take out the goods from the cargo compartment and transport them to the tunnel entrance.

At present, the miniload warehouse system is widely used in the fields of e-commerce and pharmaceutical logistics. However, the miniload vertical warehouse system still has certain flaws: there is only one stacker in each lane. Once the stacker fails, the shelves on both sides of the lane will not be able to be loaded and unloaded. At the same time, the operating efficiency of the miniload warehouse system is directly determined by the vertical and horizontal movement speed of the stacker, making it lack of flexibility.

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