Differences between Miniload and shuttle

Differences between Miniload and shuttle

Dec 06, 2023

We often hear names such as AS/RS, Miniload, Shuttle and other automated databases.


AS/RS is the English abbreviation of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (automatic storage and retrieval system), which actually refers to automated storage. At present, the most common shelf forms of automated vertical warehouses include channel shelves, intensive shelves, rotating shelves, etc., which are generally referred to or collectively referred to.



Miniload is a channel-type shelf storage system, which generally refers to an automated warehouse with box-type stackers. Material boxes are used as storage tools in the shelves. miniload uses the automatic stacker in the tunnel to run back and forth in the high-rise shelf tunnel to store the goods located at the tunnel entrance into the cargo compartment, or on the contrary, take out the goods from the cargo compartment and transport them to the tunnel entrance.



Shuttle is a dense shelf storage system. The aisles of the shelves are narrower, the storage is more dense, and it takes up less space.


Shuttle means "shuttle, shuttle", which actually refers to the shuttle in a dense storage system. Usually, we are accustomed to using shuttle to refer to a dense storage (shuttle) system. Currently, common dense storage systems include single-layer shuttles, multi-layer shuttles, and four-way shuttles.

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