Classifications of Radio Shuttle Cars

Classifications of Radio Shuttle Cars

Apr 04, 2024

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As a normal type of transportation tools in warehouses, radio shuttle cars are really common for us to use and to see, but many people knows little of them. So today I will give you a closer look at the different categories of Radio Shuttle Cars.


Radio Shuttle Car is a special equipment used for cargo handling in warehouses, factories, logistics centers and other places. Based on their functions and characteristics, Radio Shuttle Car can be divided into the following categories:


1. Manual shuttle car: A manual shuttle car is a human-operated handling tool, usually pushed by one or two people. It is suitable for small-scale cargo handling, has simple and flexible operation and low cost.


2. Electric shuttle car: The electric shuttle car is a battery-driven handling equipment with automatic walking and lifting functions. It can carry larger cargo loads and is suitable for medium-sized warehouses and logistics centers.


3. Automatic guided shuttle car: The automatic guided shuttle is a kind of handling equipment with automatic navigation function. It can drive autonomously according to preset paths and instructions without manual operation. This kind of shuttle is suitable for large-scale warehouses and logistics centers, and can improve handling efficiency and reduce labor costs.


4. AGV shuttle car: The AGV (automatic guided vehicle) shuttle car is a fully automated handling equipment with autonomous navigation and intelligent control systems. It can perform path planning and task scheduling based on warehouse layout and cargo needs to achieve efficient cargo handling and warehousing management.


5. Overhead shuttle car: The overhead shuttle car is a kind of handling equipment specially used for overhead racking systems. It can move freely between racks, taking goods off or placing pallets on them. Elevated racks can improve warehouse storage density and handling efficiency.


The above are the main categories of Radio Shuttle Cars. Each type of shuttle car has its own characteristics and applicable scenarios. You can choose the appropriate type according to your actual needs.


Hope the above information is helpful to you. If you have any other questions about the Radio Shuttle Car, please feel free to contact us.

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