Narrow aisle shelves

Narrow aisle shelves

Jan 17, 2024

Narrow aisle racking is a type of storage rack. Because the forklift transport channel of the racking system is relatively narrow, it is called narrow aisle or narrow aisle racking.

The main body of the narrow lane racking system is a beam-type racking system. The difference is that a "three-way stacking forklift" movable guide rail is installed on the ground at the bottom of the rack. Guide rails generally use unequal angle steel. Material handling forklifts are limited to dedicated "three-way stacker forklifts". The three-way stacker forklift slides along the established guide rail. The stacking channel width of the racking system is slightly larger than the width of the palletized goods, allowing high-density storage requirements to be achieved. At the same time, it inherits all the advantages of the beam-type racking system. All materials stored in the racking system are 100% optional, and the forklift can store any pallet of goods at any time. Fast storage efficiency and very high storage density bring significant production efficiency and cost benefits to storage and logistics centers suitable for narrow aisle racking systems.

1. The amount of stored goods is large, goods come in and out frequently and there are high requirements for picking goods;

2. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or requires a certain amount of storage;

3. Logistics efficiency requires a high level.

4. The available net height of the warehouse is relatively high, greater than 8M;

5. The forklift can be used as an independent storage forklift. It is not planned to use the storage forklift to drive outside to perform other tasks.

The biggest feature of narrow lane shelves is that the aisles are much narrower than ordinary beam shelves, about 1600mm-2000mm, which greatly improves the space utilization of the warehouse. Today, with soaring housing prices, narrow lane shelves are favored by many corporate warehouses. ; This shelf needs to be equipped with a special forklift - a three-way stacker, which is another feature of it. Since the passage is relatively narrow, it requires the skill of the master who drives the forklift. The driving skills must be relatively skilled, and the daily work Be careful and cautious

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