Live Rack

Live Rack

Mar 11, 2024

Live Rack, also known as roller racks, use the gravity of the goods and the slope of the racks to make the goods circulate on the roller. The structure of the rack is similar to that of the beam rack, except that the roller track is installed on the beam, and the track is inclined at 3-5°. When warehousing, use a forklift to send the goods into the warehouse end (higher side), and under the action of gravity, the goods slide from the warehousing end to the warehousing end, and slide all the way to the warehousing end, and the goods are stored first in first out. , It is suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods, and the space utilization rate is extremely high.

Gravity rack 1

Live racks are composed of columns, beams and roller tracks. The roller tracks are installed on the beams. Each cargo compartment is a slideway with a certain slope, and each slideway can store several goods.

The length of the guide rails of the shelf should be moderate, otherwise there will be a large unusable upper "dead corner", which will affect the space utilization. If the ramp is too long, the controllability of sliding will be poor, which will easily lead to poor sliding and obstruction, and pallet goods are easy to tip over.

The slope of the shelf should be moderate, the slope is too small, the tray may not slide smoothly or slip off. If the slope is too large, the palletized goods will slide down too fast, and the momentum of the slide will be large, resulting in collisions and rollovers.

It is recommended to add a damping device. In order to avoid the damage to the cargo caused by the impact force of the cargo sliding, a damping device can be added in the middle. Set up buffer device and pick up separation device.

The height of the shelf should not be too high, generally within 6 meters, and the weight of a single cargo is generally within 1000KG. If the height is too high and the single cargo is too heavy, its reliability and operability will be greatly reduced.

Advantages of live racks:

1. It can guarantee the first-in, first-out of the goods.

2. The space utilization rate is extremely high. It is only necessary to set up inventory channels and pick-up channels at both ends of the shelves, and the storage rate can reach more than 75%.

3. The "vacant" state of the shelf space can be minimized.

4. It is suitable for zero-in and whole-out or whole-in and whole-out, especially for large-scale in-out and storage.

5. Gravity racks are very environmentally friendly, all of which are in the form of no power, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.

Disadvantages of live racks:

1. The installation, design, and manufacturing costs are high. The cost of general gravity racks is about 5-7 times that of ordinary racks, but compared with automated storage systems, it is relatively low.

2. It has high requirements on the manufacturing and processing of pallets and shelves, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage of the chute,

3. The daily maintenance and maintenance requirements for such shelves are also high.

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