How to use wire mesh decking correctly?

How to use wire mesh decking correctly?

Apr 25, 2024

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Wire mesh decking is a material commonly used in the shelving and racking industry. It is composed of steel wire mesh and steel plates. It is lightweight, strong and durable. It is widely used in the production of shelves in warehouses, supermarkets, factories and other places. The following will introduce in detail the use of steel wire mesh decking in the racking and storage industry.


1. Shelf production


Steel wire mesh decking can be used to make various types of shelves and racks, such as heavy-duty shelves, medium-duty shelves, light-duty shelves, etc. It can be customized according to different needs, and different grid layer specifications can be selected according to the size and weight of the goods to meet different storage needs. The manufacturing process of the steel wire mesh decking is simple and can be assembled quickly, saving production time and cost.


2. Shelf accessories


Steel wire mesh decking can also be used to make shelving and racking accessories, such as rack brackets, beams, uprights, etc. These accessories can be customized with different rack types to meet different storage needs. The accessories of the steel wire mesh decking have a simple manufacturing process and can be quickly assembled, saving production time and costs.


3. Shelf reinforcement


Steel wire mesh decking can be used to reinforce shelves and rack products and increase their load-bearing capacity and stability. During the production process of shelves, grid laminates can be used as reinforcement materials and fixed on key parts of the shelf to increase the load-bearing capacity and stability of the racks.

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