Features Of Drive-In Racking

Features Of Drive-In Racking

Feb 19, 2024

Drive-in racks also known as through racks or corridor racks, are a type of high-level racks. Drive-in racks can reasonably improve the utilization of storage space and store more goods. For goods with uniform specifications and a single category. In other words, choosing a drive-in rack is a very good choice. In limited warehouse space, store more goods and save warehouse rent and other expenses. It is suitable for the storage of goods with large quantities and few varieties.

Drive-in rack

Structural features of drive-in racks:

1. The first-in-first-out drive-in shelf height can be designed up to 10 meters, making full use of the warehouse height, increasing the storage capacity of goods, and increasing the warehouse utilization rate by 5 times.

2. The goods are stored on the first-in-first-out drive-in shelf pallets. The height of the guide rails can be adjusted up and down. With the first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out driving mode, the forklift directly drives into the cargo lane to pick up the pieces, reducing the passage space for the forklift and increasing The number of storage slots increases the storage density of goods.

3. The shelf does not need to reserve a special channel for the forklift, which can greatly reduce the non-storage area in the warehouse. Improve the utilization rate of warehouse area.

4. Since cargo spaces with different depths can be arranged on both sides of each channel, more storage positions can be arranged.

5. It can be adapted to various types of goods, and the height of the beam can be adjusted according to the size of the goods to meet the requirements of different storage sizes. The drive-in racks can be arranged arbitrarily as required.

6. The overall structural strength of the shelf is good. Compared with measuring shelves, after the drive-in shelves are installed, they can be regarded as a whole. The stability has been improved several times. There is almost no fear of collapsing.

7. The cost per unit location is low. Because more goods can be stored per unit volume, the cost of storage space is greatly reduced.

The basic principle of the drive-in structure is that several rows of columns are connected, but there is no beam structure, it is supported by the top beam, and connected by corbels and pallet guide rails. The forklift drives into the cargo lane to store the goods. The goods are stored inside first and then outside. When picking up the goods, first take the outside and then take the inside. It is a typical first-in last-out storage shelf.

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