Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking

Mar 13, 2024

Through-type shelves are also called corridor-type shelves or drive-in shelves. Through-type shelves allow forklifts (or unmanned trucks with forks) to drive into the aisle to access goods, and are suitable for the storage of goods with a small variety and large batches. In addition to the cargo spaces close to the aisles of through-type shelves, since forklifts need to enter the interior of the shelf to access goods, it is usually recommended that the depth of single-sided pickup should not exceed 7 cargo spaces. In order to increase the running speed of the forklift, you can choose to configure guide rails according to actual needs. Compared with cargo-level racks, the warehouse space utilization rate of through-type racks (drive-in racks) can be increased by more than 30%. Shelves) are widely used in wholesale, cold storage and food and tobacco industries.

Shelf features:


Through-type shelves

Through-type shelves(9)

1. On the support rails, the pallets are stored depth-wise, one after the other, which makes high-density storage possible.


2. Goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf, depositing first and then taking out, and depositing and taking first. Counterweights and reach-type forklifts can conveniently drive into the middle of the shelf to access goods without occupying multiple aisles.


3. This kind of shelf is suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of items. The corbels and corbel shelves of the through-type shelves (drive-in shelves) adopt integral stamping/rolling technology, which has strong carrying capacity and beautiful appearance. .


4-through racks have a fully plugged-in assembled structure, and the column pieces are assembled structures. The total depth of the shelves in the wall area is generally best controlled within 5 pallets. The total depth of the shelves in the middle area that can be accessed from both sides is generally best controlled within 5 pallets. Within 10 pallets deep to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

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