Double-Depth Storage Racks

Double-Depth Storage Racks

Jan 29, 2024

Storage racks are the most frequently used equipment in the warehouse. Now various kinds of racks are developed to meet the requirements of different goods and warehouses, double-depth rack is one of them. Do you know what double-depth storage shelves are?

The double-depth rack is an upgraded version of the pallet rack. Compared with the ordinary rack, the double-depth rack saves a forklift aisle. Therefore, under the same warehouse area, the double-depth rack can store more products.

Under normal circumstances, it is suitable for companies and enterprises with more goods to be used together with the corresponding forklifts. Widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, packaging and other industries, the specifications of such shelves can also be appropriately changed according to customer needs.


Features of double depth storage shelves:

1. It is suitable for warehouses with low pickup rate.

2. Same simple structure as pallet racks( frames, beams, row spacer, etc.).

3. Since there are two rows of goods in the picking direction of the stackers, so it needs to be equipped with a special forklift, and the forklift channel needs to be about 3.3 meters.

4. In a warehouse of the same area, compared with the single-deep racks, since there are 4 sets of racks in parallel, the channel position is reduced, and each storage line can store more than double the pallets, so the inventory is larger than the single-deep racks.

5. The access operation of the back row goods will be affected and it is difficult for the shelves to be first in first out.

6. The construction cost for each pallet is the lowest among all the warehouse systems.

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