Difference between traditional racks and ASRS racks?

Difference between traditional racks and ASRS racks?

Feb 22, 2024

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Today we will introduce you to the differences between traditional racking and automated  racking products, like ASRS (Automated Storage Retrieval System), Miniload or AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Traditional racking systems and automated racking systems are two common racking types found in the warehousing and logistics industry, and they have some significant differences in design, functionality, and use.


First of all, traditional racking systems are usually made of metal or wood and have simple structures and designs. They usually require manual operations to complete the storage and removal of goods. The installation and adjustment of traditional racks are relatively simple, but require more manpower and time during operation. In addition, the storage density of traditional racks is low and takes up relatively larger space.


In contrast, automated racking systems use advanced technology and equipment to enable automated storage and retrieval space management. Automated racking systems usually consist of robotic arms, conveyor belts and computer controlling systems. They can automatically complete the storage and removal of goods according to preset programs and instructions, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy. Automated racking systems have higher storage density and can better utilize warehouse space.


In addition, automated racking systems also have some other advantages. They can monitor the storage and removal of goods in real time and provide accurate inventory information. Automated racking systems can also be seamlessly integrated with warehouse management systems and logistics systems to achieve more efficient warehousing and logistics management. In addition, automated racking systems can also reduce labor costs and human errors and improve work safety.


However, there are some challenges and limitations associated with automated racking systems. First of all, the installation and maintenance costs of automated shelves are high and require professional technical supports. Secondly, the operation and maintenance of automated racking systems require professional training and skills. In addition, the scope of application of automated racking systems is relatively limited and may not be suitable for some goods with special shapes or special materials.


Overall, there are clear differences in design, functionality, and use between traditional racks and automated racks. Traditional racks are suitable for some simple warehousing needs, while automated racks are suitable for warehousing and logistics management that require efficiency, accuracy and automation. If you have any other questions or need further information about traditional racks and automated racks, please feel free to contact us.

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