Advantages and Disadvantages of Push Back Rack

Advantages and Disadvantages of Push Back Rack

Feb 28, 2024

Push back racking is a semi-automatic racking system with the following features and advantages:


First in, last out principle. Press-in shelves follow the first-in, last-out access principle. The forklift operates at the lower end of the guide rail. The goods enter the shelf from a high place and are accessed in a first-in, last-out order. 

Access speed is fast. Since the forklift operating area is limited to the lower end of the guide rail, the access speed of the push-in rack is higher than that of the drive-in rack, so it is suitable as a transit storage area in the warehouse.

High space usage. Press-in shelves are suitable for occasions where storage space is limited but intensive storage is required, such as where warehouse space is limited and storage capacity needs to be increased or where goods picking requirements are not high. 

stable structure. The push-in rack has a stable structure and has lower requirements on forklift operators, which can reduce the probability of accidentally hitting the rack. 

The cost is lower. Compared with shuttle racks, push-in racks have lower costs and are more suitable for small warehouses or warehouses where cost control is required. 

Additionally, the disadvantages of press-in racking include:


The design is difficult. Since pallet trolleys are needed to carry goods, it involves coordination issues between trolleys at different levels, between trolleys and guide rails, and between guide rails and shelves. The greater the storage depth, the greater the design difficulty. The shelf manufacturing accuracy is very high and the cost is high. higher.

Storage rate is low. Due to the structural characteristics of the shelves, the depth of cargo spaces generally does not exceed 5, and the storage rate is among the lowest among intensive storage shelves.

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