Advantages and disadvantages of Pallet racking

Advantages and disadvantages of Pallet racking

Feb 14, 2024

Pallet racking are professional warehouse shelves designed to store and retrieve palletized goods. Pallet racking  are composed of column pieces (columns) and beams. beam shelves have a simple structure, are safe and reliable. It has the characteristics of heavy load-bearing, wide range of height adaptability, mechanical access, and high selection efficiency, but the space utilization rate is average.

1. The structure is simple, safe and reliable, and the combination can be adjusted at will. The entry and exit of the warehouse are not restricted by the order of items. It is widely used in warehousing modes with pallet storage and forklift access.

2. The column piece is composed of upright columns, horizontal braces and diagonal braces connected by bolts. The column pieces and C-shaped welding beams are connected to form a shelf frame, which is fixed with safety pins and has a simple and reliable structure. Each layer can be freely adjusted up and down in steps of 75mm or 50mm.

3. Cross-beam shelves have the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity, and strong impact resistance. The maximum layer load of each layer can reach 5000kg/layer under relative design.

4. The plasticity is very large. On the basis of pallet shelves, mold shelves, loft shelves, three-dimensional warehouse shelves, etc. can be built, and special oil drum shelves can also be made.

5. Cross-beam shelves can effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse and improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Suitable for storage of various types of goods.

6. The appearance is safe, and column foot guards and anti-collision bars can be added to prevent forklift collisions. In order to make the layer load safer, additional facilities such as beam supports, floor boards, and mesh span beams can be placed on the beams.

7. The cost is low, the installation and operation are convenient, and the cargo location is easy to find. It is suitable for any transportation tools.

8. Cross-beam shelves can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plates, dense ammonia plates or grid mesh. To use pallets of different sizes.

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