What is ASRS used for?

What is ASRS used for?

Dec 12, 2023

ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) are suitable for many different types of businesses and industries, especially those that need to store, manage and dispatch items or products on a large scale.

Here are some industries suitable for ASRS:


Warehousing and logistics industry: ASRS can be used in warehouses, distribution centers and logistics centers to increase storage density and logistics efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


Retail industry: Retailers can use ASRS to store and manage merchandise inventory, improving inventory management accuracy and efficiency.


Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies can use ASRS to store and manage raw materials, workpieces, and finished products to improve the operating efficiency of production lines.


E-commerce industry: For e-commerce enterprises, ASRS can help manage large quantities of inventory items and perform order processing and product distribution quickly and accurately.


Pharmaceutical and medical device industry: Pharmaceutical and medical device companies typically store large quantities of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumables. ASRS can help improve the accuracy and speed of inventory management and tracking.


Cold chain logistics: For industries such as food and pharmaceuticals that require refrigerated or frozen storage, ASRS can provide a controllable temperature and humidity environment to ensure product quality and safety.


High-value item storage: For storage needs of valuable items or important documents, ASRS can provide a high degree of security and traceability.


Even though the construction cost of ASRS is relatively high, but it can make fuller use of space and save warehouse area, which can save a lot of costs in long-term operations, so this system has became more and more popular and widely used.

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