How does live rack work?

How does live rack work?

Apr 11, 2024

Hi, dear readers, how much do you know about live racks? How does it work? Today this blog will introduce you to a storage device called gravity racking and how it works.


Gravity racking is an efficient warehousing solution suitable for a variety of industries and warehouse environments. Its operating principle is based on the action of gravity and an incline. By utilizing the self-weight of objects and the inclination angle of the incline, the automatic flow and sorting of goods is achieved.


The following is the operation process of gravity shelves:


Goods storage: First, the goods are placed on the upper level of the shelf/racks, usually by forklift or other handling equipment. The racks are designed taking into account the weight and size of the goods to ensure safety and stability.


Gravity effect: Each layer of the shelf tilts forward, forming an inclined plane. The angle of this slope is adjusted according to the characteristics and flow requirements of the cargo. When goods are placed on an incline, gravity comes into play, automatically pushing the goods forward.


Cargo flow: Due to the inclination angle of the inclined plane, the goods will automatically slide downward along the inclined plane. This automatic flow process can reduce the need for manual handling and improve warehouse work efficiency.


Sorting and Picking: When the goods slide to the front of the shelf, they will stop at a specific location, waiting to be sorted or picked up by staff. In this way, goods can be processed in a certain order and process, improving the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

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